"Floating above [the orchestra's] music was a voice with the kind of luminosity one longs for in Bach, that of the marvelous young soprano Elijah McCormack... Among the vocal soloists, McCormack did eloquent work throughout."

The Washington Post

"The most amazing of the other soloists was Elijah McCormack, an adult male singing with a powerful boyish soprano, but with more expressive sophistication than you'd get from a boy."

Dallas Morning News

"Young Elijah McCormack sang in Italian that rolled off his tongue, in language that bled from the heart. His voice, his manner, his being turned into the disconsolate youth weeping for the return of his beloved. The performance proved magical."

Bloomington Herald-Times

"Male soprano Elijah McCormack was memorable in Verdi; he sings "[Saper vorreste]"... with a clear, lively, unembellished style befitting a king's page."

Big Island Music